Ken Anderson’s Pro Football Hall omission ‘really frustrating’

Anthony Muñoz, the only Pro Football Hall of Famer to have played his entire career with the Bengals, has publicly lobbied for both Ken Riley and Ken Anderson – his Cincinnati teammates from 1980 to 1983 – to join him in Canton.

During an appearance Monday on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Muñoz suggested that his patience is wearing thin.

“You hate to think that (not winning a Super Bowl) is the difference because all you have to do is look at his career stats,” Muñoz said of Anderson. “And I’ve been looking at them a lot because I’m one of the biggest advocates – it’s gotten to a point where it’s really, really frustrating for me. We’re at the Super Bowl in Minnesota several years ago. We’ re sitting there and it’s Kenny Anderson, (Cincinnati native and former Purcell High School standout) Roger Staubach and myself. And we’re in a conversation. All of a sudden, Staubach stops and he goes, ‘By the way, why in the heck aren’t YOU in the Hall of Fame?’ – talking to Kenny Anderson. There’s a lot of guys that believe that. But you know I think there’s a lot of people that justify quarterbacks’ careers by the rings they have, and I’m just not one of those guys. To me, one of my top five quarterbacks doesn’t have a ring. And that’s the kid that played down in Miami – Dan Marino. Hopefully this year, we have Kenny Riley and Kenny Anderson as finalists in the seniors category. I’ll tell you what – I’m one of the biggest advocates for both those guys, especially Kenny Anderson. But now you look at Kenny Riley. The top eight all-time interceptors – seven of them, seven of them are in the Hall of Fame. The No . 5 guy is not in. And that’s No. 13 – the Rattler – Kenny Riley. So, you know, it’s getting frustrating. And hopefully this year we get one, maybe two, and soon maybe both.”

YouTube video of Muñoz with Patrick:

Last month, the Hall announced that Anderson and Riley are among 24 seniors – 12 players and 12 coaches/contributors – named as finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023 consideration.

The Seniors Committee is expected to meet Aug. 16 to select up to three seniors for final consideration as members of the Class of 2023. The committee’s final vote will send three seniors to the full 49-person selection committee for consideration at its annual meeting in early 2023. Each of the three could be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at that meeting.

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