Max Boxing – News – Undefeated junior welterweight Christian Foley fights this Saturday night

On Saturday, August 13, undefeated College Station, Texas junior welterweight Christian Foley will return to the ring for his 3rd bout of the year. A perfect 2 for 2 so far, Foley will return to the Bayou Events Center in Houston, just an hour and a half from his home, for his 2nd “Space City” assignment.

While his city of a little over 100,000 is perhaps best known for being the site of the Texas A and M campus, if Foley has his way, he’ll have fight fans talking about an undefeated 5’11” boxer-puncher from their hometown .

Foley turned pro earlier this year, in April, winning by 1st round KO. He followed that up with his 2nd KO victory, 2 months later in June. Now, the 25-year-old southpaw, will look to impress again on August 13 in Houston.

Training at the Bryan College Station Boxing Gym, under the direction of trainer Carl Perry, MaxBoxing caught up with the polite, well-spoken Foley, for a chat with the champ.

Bill Tibbs: Hi Christian, thanks for taking a minute to chat.

Christian Foley: Hi. No problem.

BT: Tell me a little about how you started boxing and your amateur career.

CF: I actually haven’t had a lot of amateur fights over all the years I have been boxing. Even though I have been in the gym since about age 8, I have been in and out at times. I came back to it full time at about age 18 but have actually been in the sport, training, in the gym, since I was a young kid. I think I had about 11 or 12 amateur fights.

BT: Since you didn’t have a lot of amateur experience, how did you feel going into your pro fights? Nervous? Excited?

CF: In field good. I was a guy who had a style better suited to the pros more so than the amateurs. My coach was always telling me that I should go pro, that I had a style better suited to that. But, I was like ‘I don’t know if I’m ready, not yet’ But, he kept saying ‘You have a style better suited to the pros’. He saw my skills and my ability was there because I have had a pro style for a long time.

BT: How would you describe your style?

CF: I would say I can box and punch, a boxer-puncher. But, I am also very much a defensive fighter in the sense that I don’t get hit a lot, I make sure my defense is on point at all times; I work a lot of defense in there.

BT: You are heading into your 3rd fight, how many times do you want to fight this year?

CF: I think we’d like to get 4 or 5 fights this year.

BT: You are tall, 5’11”, for a guy who hits 140. Do you have any trouble making weight?

CF: (Laughs). Yeah, that’s what everybody tells me, I’m tall for the weight. No, I don’t have any trouble making 140.

BT: What do you walk around at?

CF: If I’m training, I’m around 152-154, but away from the gym I can be up to 160-165.

BT: Really? You can make 140 coming down from that big?

CF: (Chuckles), Yup, no problem. I tell my coach that one day we are going to have to go to 147. I save big dudes all the time. I’m used to boxing bigger guys.

BT: Texas certainly has a rich history of fighters. Favorite fighters growing up?

CF: Well, not many people might expect it, but I’d say Pernell Whitaker. And, I really liked Roy Jones. I didn’t copy Whitaker, but I studied him a lot.

BT: You can’t go wrong there; he was a great defensive fighter. What can people expect to see when they come to see Christian Foley?

CF: Well, I am a southpaw, but I can fight from the right side as well.

BT: A new Terence Crawford. One of my favorite fighters, a guy I’d have at the top of the P4P list.

CF: (Laughs). Hey, my two. I’d have him at the top of the P4P list too. Yeah, I’m stronger from the southpaw side right now but am working on the right side and getting stronger at that as well. I’m looking forward to bringing both out.

BT: Great chat with you Christian. Best of luck on the 13th and we’ll chat again down the road.

CF: Yes, for sure, thank you.

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