‘Novak Djokovic wants to go down as…’, says top analyst

In a lengthy interview, John McEnroe praised Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the Big 3 who rewrote tennis history. McEnroe explained: “Roger Federer is the most stylish player I have ever seen on a tennis court.

He’s like he’s an updated version of Rod Laver. Rafael Nadal is not carried away, he wants to win every point. I think he has even surpassed Jimmy Connors in this regard. I didn’t think it was possible, but Rafa has achieved it.

Novak Djokovic is a great champion and he is the one I met best from a human point of view,” McEnroe said. “I am proud of what I have done, I have learned a lot from both my successes and my failures. At this stage of my life, I feel at peace with myself.

If I had enjoyed in the Internet age? Not at all, it would have been a nightmare. If social media had been so popular when I was 20, I would have done a lot of things that I would have regretted.” The Big 3 have made tennis history, as well as rewriting the record book from top to bottom.

Rafael Nadal currently leads the all-time Grand Slam rankings, having won the Australian Open and Roland Garros this year. The Spaniard thus stands with 22 Majors, one more than Novak Djokovic and two more than Roger Federer.

The Serbian champion has closed the gap by triumphing at Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career, but he will hardly be able to fly to the United States to compete at the US Open. The former world number 1 is training in Croatia and hopes to enter the United States with a special visa.

Nadal, for his part, will participate in the Montreal Masters 1000 next week. More complicated is the speech regarding Federer, who is still in the pits after undergoing another operation on his right knee. The 40-year-old tennis player from Basel will return to the courts at the Laver Cup, which will take place at the O2 Arena in London from September 23 to 25.

Rusedski praises Nole Djokovic

In his latest interview with Tennis Channel, former British No. 1 Greg Rusedski spoke about Novak Djokovic: “So Djokovic wants to go down as the greatest male tennis player in the history of the sport,” Rusedski said.

“Probably even break Margaret Court’s record of 24 Majors.” Earlier, John McEnroe said about Djokovic, “The person that comes to mind immediately with Novak is golfer Tiger Woods. He had the issues with his wife, he seemed to go completely off the rails and has never been even close to the same player.

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