Rugby League World Cup 2022: Which nations are NRL players representing?

This year’s Rugby League World Cup could be the most hotly-contested yet, with some huge names moving away from the norm of Australia or New Zealand, and instead pledging their allegiance to other nations.

Brian To’o has played for NSW in the past two Origin series, but has made the decision to represent Samoa in the tournament, alongside his Panthers teammate Jarome Luai and QLD rep Josh Papalii.

Victor Radley made a shocking call to pledge his allegiance to England for the World Cup, despite being involved in the NSW Origin squad during the recent series.

Fellow Rooster Luke Keary has also confirmed he’ll temporarily leave our shores, lining up for the Wolfhounds.

The Sporting News has compiled a list of which NRL players will represent nations other than Australia in the RLWC, with the ‘confirmed’ players based off recent Test matches during the rep round.

Cook Islands | England | Fiji | France | Greece | Ireland | Italy | Jamaica | Lebanon | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea | Samoa | Scotland | Tonga | Wales


Joey Manu (Roosters)

Ronaldo Mulitalo (Sharks)

Marata Niukore (Eels)

Peta Hiku (Cowboys)

Jordan Rapana (Raiders)

Dylan Brown (Eels)

Jahrome Hughes (Storm)

Jesse Bromwich (Storm)

Brandon Smith (Storm)

James Fisher-Harris (Panthers)

Isaiah Papali’i (Eels)

Kenny Bromwich (Storm)

Joseph Tapine (Raiders)

Kieran Foran (Sea Eagles)

Moses Leota (Panthers)

Nelson Asofa-Solomona (Storm)

Briton Nikora (Sharks)

Jordan Riki (Broncos)


Victor Radley (Roosters)

Luke Thompson (Bulldogs)

Herbie Farnworth (Broncos)

Elliott Whitehead (Raiders)

Tom Burgess (Rabbitohs)

Ryan Sutton (Raiders)

Josh Hodgson (Raiders)


Sam Walker (Roosters)


Tolutau Koula (Sea Eagles)

Christian Tuipolotu (Sea Eagles)

Will Penisini (Eels)

Moses Suli (Dragons)

Kotoni Staggs (Broncos)

Talatau Amone (Dragons)

Addin Fonua-Blake (Warriors)

Siliva Havili (Rabbitohs)

Sio Siua Taukeiaho (Roosters)

Keaon Koloamatangi (Rabbitohs)

Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys)

Andrew Fifita (Sharks)

Tevita Pangai Junior (Bulldogs)

Soni Luke (Panthers)

Haumole Olakaua’atu (Sea Eagles)

Tevita Tatola (Rabbitohs)

Moeaki Fotuaika (Titans)

Joe Ofahengaue (Tigers)

Felise Kaufusi (Storm)


Daniel Tupou (Roosters)

Siosifa Talakai (Sharks)

David Fifita (Titans)


Josh Papalii (Raiders)

Jarome Luai (Panthers)

Brian To’o (Panthers)

Charlie Staines (Panthers)

Taylan May (Panthers)

Izack Tago (Panthers)

Jaxson Paulo (Rabbitohs)

David Nofoaluma (Tigers)

Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors)

Anthony Milford (Knights)

Martin Taupau (Sea Eagles)

Jazz Tevaga (Warriors)

Francis Molo (Dragons)

Josh Schuster (Sea Eagles)

Jaydn Su’A (Dragons)

Josh Aloiai (Sea Eagles)

Fa’amanu Brown (Tigers)

Keenan Palasia (Broncos)

Spencer Leniu (Panthers)

Bunty Afoa (Warriors)

Mat Feagai (Dragons)


Stephen Crichton (Panthers)

Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (Cowboys)

Murray Taulagi (Cowboys)

Junior Paulo (Eels)

Joseph Suaalii (Roosters)

Daniel Saifiti (Knights)

Jacob Saifiti (Knights)


Sunia Turuva (Panthers)

Mikaele Ravalawa (Dragons)

Semi Valemei (Raiders)

Waqa Blake (Eels)

Maika Sivo (Eels)

Kevin Naiqama (Roosters)

Tui Kamikamica (Storm)

William Kikau (Panthers)

Taane Milne (Rabbitohs)


Tariq Sims (Dragons)

Daniel Saifiti (Knights)

Jacob Saifiti (Knights)

Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Eels)

Api Koroisau (Panthers)

Terrell Kalo Kalo (Rabbitohs)

Marcelo Montoya (Warriors)

George Jennings (Storm)

Robert Jennings (Panthers)

Iliesa Ratuva (Warriors)

Latia Moceidreke (Cowboys)

Solomone Naiduki (Eels)


Alex Johnston (Rabbitohs)

Justin Olam (Storm)

Lachlan Lamb (Roosters)


Jack de Belin (Dragons)

Xavier Coates (Storm)

Bailey Biondi-Odo (Bulldogs)


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent Greece at this stage.


Lachlan Ilias (Rabbitohs)

Peter Mamouzelos (Rabbitohs)


No NRL players featured in their June match against Malta, however there are a number of players eligible who could line up for the Cedars in the World Cup.


Jason Saab (Sea Eagles)

Mitchell Moses (Eels)

Adam Doueihi (Tigers)

Alex Twal (Tigers)

Josh Mansour (Rabbitohs)

Brandon Wakeham (Bulldogs)

Jacob Kiraz (Bulldogs)

Elie El-Zakhem (Eels)

Brad Morkos (Raiders)


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent Italy at this stage.


Paul Vaughan (Bulldogs)

James Tedesco (Roosters)

Nathan Brown (Eels)

Cooper Johns (Storm)

Jack Johns (Knights)

Trent Loiero (Storm)


Esan Marsters (Titans)

Kayal Iro (Sharks)

Xavier Willison (Broncos)

Brendan Piakura (Broncos)

Pride Petterson-Robati (Warriors)

Davvy Moale (Rabbitohs)

Makahesi Makatoa (Eels)


Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (Raiders)

TC Robati (Broncos)

Tepai Moeroa (Storm)

James Tamou (Tigers)


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent Scotland at this stage.


Campbell Graham (Rabbitohs)

Stephen Crichton (Panthers)

Christian Crichton (Panthers)

Aaron Schoupp (Bulldogs)

Euan Aitken (Warriors)

Nicho Hynes (Sharks)

Kevin Proctor (Titans)


Luke Keary (Roosters)


Josh Curran (Warriors)

Patrick Carrigan (Broncos)

Dale Finucane (Sharks)

Harry Rushton (Raiders)

Morgan Harper (Sea Eagles)

Jaimin Jolliffe (Titans)

Josh Cook (Bulldogs)


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent France at this stage.


No NRL players are known to be eligible to represent France.


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent Wales at this stage.


Bradman Best (Knights)

Tyson Frizell (Knights)


No NRL players have confirmed they will represent Jamaica at this stage.


Dominic Young (Knights)

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