Tiny Stossel’s Incredible Operation To Avoid Being Discovered In The Bowling Alley Of Buenos Aires

“One Girlfriend, One Party, One Unknown”The title of the bomb was number three which was released this Monday. show partner blown up live. The person in charge of revealing the information was Lully Fernandez, who provided some clues so that his companions could guess who it was. “He did everything possible to go unnoticed but we found him and he’s going to explode,” the model said, referring to the boyfriend of the bomb’s protagonist.

“She’s dating and it’s not like she wanted to hide from the boyfriend that she was having a party, but she didn’t want it to be revealed because the boyfriend is toxic”, explained driver Rodrigo Lucich, while panelists explained the operation. Gift details so as not to go unnoticed by the famous. “They made him enter through the kitchen of the bowling alley. They put it next to the DJ booth so that nothing is revealed, but there are even images,” he announced, sowing even more mystery in the studio.

The clues began, before a very intriguing panel. “The bowling alley is called Banana, it’s on Costanera and it’s a classic. The thing happened on a Saturday night between 2 and 4:30. She was there giving her everything. Part of the atmosphere made her booth. The bowling press and DJ were contacted for an invite and could not be seen,” Fernandez said.

“When she went out dancing with her friends, she went bowling with her brother-in-law to another part of the world,” said Rodrigo Lucich. While Adrian Pallares warned about the couple’s “tough future”. However, it was the last clue that revealed the unknown: the split image of his ex, Sebastian Journey and Camilla Holmes confirmed who the celebrity was who went out to have fun with friends and was discovered.

Tiny enjoyed Saturday morning with friends

Without further speculation, Luli Fernandez put an end to the mystery. “Who had a banana on Saturday and didn’t want to be discovered, entered through the kitchen and stood in the DJ booth so that no one could see him, nothing more than a tiny stossel, and it’s a bomb”The model screamed while her song “La Triple T” was played at full volume.

To confirm the scoop, Morning Cycle immediately circulated images of the singer having a lot of fun dancing with her friends. “With the few people who could approach her, she was divine, but, well, she wanted everything to be very discreet. She danced non-stop, she drank nothing and at 4:30 she Went home,” Fernandez said, while Mariana Bray added: “She came from La Rioja, where she did two shows (Friday and Saturday), she got off the plane and went straight to the bowling alley on the side”.

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