TV tonight: Tom Daley dives into a deep pool of homophobia | Television

Tom Daley: Illegal to Be Me

Tuesday, 9pm, BBC One

“Should I be proud of them? What kind of message is that sending?” Tom Daley is holding his four Commonwealth Games medals, after citing the fact that it is illegal to be gay in more than half the countries that took part this year. He is on a mission to convince the event to take a stand by disallowing any country with anti-LGBTQ+ laws to host the Games. His journey takes him to Pakistan and Jamaica, where he is shocked and terrified to witness what life is like for gay people. Hollie Richardson

Cryptocurrency: Has the Bubble Burst?

10pm, Channel 4

“I think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to money, but when it comes to cryptocurrency … I have no idea.” Ade Adepitan speaks for 99% of Britain in this investigation, in which he takes a crash course in the future of finance – just before the recent cryptocurrency collapse. Did the price drop mark the end of this new type of money, or was it an inevitable blip in creating a new world? SIR

Women’s Health: Breaking the Taboos

7pm, Channel 5

In this well overdue series, Cherry Healey questions why women’s health problems are not treated as a priority. Tonight, she speaks to experts about endometriosis, an often debilitating gynecological condition that affects 1.5 million women in the UK. One woman – whose diagnosis took 10 years – says she used to burn herself with a hot-water bottle because it felt like a “better” type of pain. SIR

Smart movie satire … Irma Vep. Photograph: HBO

Irma Vep

9pm, Sky Atlantic

French film has a reputation for artistic integrity, but it can be just as grubby as Hollywood. That is the insight as Olivier Assayas’s smart industry satire continues. Director René (Vincent Macaigne) admits his catsuit fetish, while leading star Mira (Alicia Vikander) is regretting her career choices. Where’s Call My Agent’s Andréa when you need her? Ellen E Jones


9pm, Sky Sci-Fi

In a double bill of the bleak horror-sci-fi set in a nightmarish middle American town, Jim, Tabitha and Ethan have been asking where the heck they are exactly (purgatory?) in the vain hope that it might get them back home – if home still exists. Things get worse: murder, hallucinations and more shape-shifting monsters. Ali Catterall


10.10pm, BBC Three

As the endgame of this increasingly intense 80s-set gangster drama’s fifth season approaches, Franklin (Damson Idris) is becoming isolated. His associates are peeling off and he is at loggerheads with Carter Hudson’s undercover cop, Teddy. Hardly the sort of atmosphere into which LSD should be introduced, then … Phil Harrison

Movie choice

Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in The English Patient.
Quality care … Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in The English Patient. Photograph: Tiger Moth Productions/Allstar

The English Patient (Anthony Minghella, 1996) 3.05pm, Sky Cinema Greats
A sweeping wartime romance in the style of David Lean, Anthony Minghella’s Oscar-laden drama oozes quality. A fateful love affair in 1930s Egypt between Ralph Fiennes’s cartographer Almásy and Kristin Scott Thomas’s married Katharine, told in flashback, is the main treat, but the cover story – the badly burned, distressed Almásy is nursed by Hana (Juliette Binoche) and interrogated by Willem Dafoe’s Canadian agent – ​​is equally involving. Simon Wardell

Live sports

Cycling: Tour of Scandinavia Women 3pm, Eurosport 1. Stage one, a 147.7km route from Copenhagen to Helsingør.

The Hundred: Cricket Northern Superchargers v Trent Rockets 6pm, BBC Two. From Headingley in Leeds. Matches continue on Thursday at 2.30pm.

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