Meet the 6 Republicans running for US House District 10

ORLANDO, Fla. – US Rep Val Demings is leaving her congressional district to run for US Senate. That means US House District 10 is an open seat this year.

The district originally encompassed much of western Orange County, but it was redrawn by the Florida Legislature this year. The district now stretches through the center of the county, from the Pine Hills area across downtown and Winter Park to Bithlo.

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Six Republicans are vying to take over the district from Demings in the Aug. 23 primary.

They are Lateresa Jones, Tuan Le, Thuy Lowe, Willie Montague, Peter Weed and Calvin Wimbish.

Because Florida is a closed-primary state, only Republicans can vote in this election.

Learn more about what that means for the rest of the election on Aug. 23 HERE.

The winner of this election will face the Democratic nominee, as well as a no-party affiliate candidate, Jason Holic.

Here are the Republican candidates for US House District 10.

Latersa Jones

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Lateresa Jones is a small business owner. She said she is running because nothing has gotten better for US House District 10 under Rep. Demings. Jones wants to close America’s borders, finish building the wall and increase ICE border agents. She blames illegal immigrants for crime in the district. She also wants to abolish the US Department of Education.

Tuan Le

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Tuan Le is an engineer and small businessman living in Orlando. In his career, he worked with NASA and Lockheed Martin. He is running on a platform that he describes as Make America Safe first, with a heavy focus on fighting China’s influence. He also wants to increase affordable housing, improve the environment, stop illegal immigration, increase pay for teachers and enact term limits for Congress.


Thuy Lowe

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Thuy Lowe is a real estate investor and business owner in Orange County. She was a refugee from Vietnam. She has run for Congress before.

Lowe is running on an America First agenda, including school choice, increasing border security, energy independence, protecting gun rights and supporting law enforcement.

Willie Montague

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Dr. Willie Montague is a pastor at Gravity Church in Orlando and a nonprofit founder.


Montague is running on a conservative platform that includes strengthening gun rights, banning abortion, strengthening border security, expanding school vouchers and shrinking the size of government.

Peter Weed

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Weed is an entrepreneur in Orlando with experience in several industries. He is a Christian conservative running on a conservative platform that includes expanding American oil production, increasing affordable housing, reforming and enhancing the legal immigration system and stopping all illegal immigration, expanding school vouchers, banning abortion and keeping the military strong.

Calvin Wimbish

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Calvin Wimbish is a US Army green beret, NJROTC instructor and conservative activist.

Wimbish is running on a platform that includes shrinking the size of the federal government and paying down the debt, a varied energy portfolio (oil, wind, solar, nuclear), restoring pipeline production, school choice, advocates closing the borders, is anti- abortion and pro-gun rights, and believes in championing “peace through strength.”

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