WATCH: Warning over diving at popular Limerick holiday spot after video goes viral

PEOPLE have been warned to exercise caution when diving into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Kilkee.

It comes after a video of youngsters jumping into the sea from the pier in the holiday resort popular with Limerick families posted online went viral.

A video was posted to the internet showing youngsters diving off the pier.

It’s so far garnered almost 80,000 views on Twitter, where it was also retweeted 83 times and liked more than 1,300 times.

Kilkee-based Fianna Fail councilor Cillian Murphy acknowledged diving into the ocean is a “rite of passage” – but asked them to be extremely careful, especially if doing so from a height.

“Of course, diving off the pier is the gateway activity. You go from the pier, you get a bit braver and start going out to the diving boards. Again, they are in place. There are signs and tide-meters there which tell you if it’s safe to do so. But there’s always a danger when you jump off cliffs into the sea. You don’t know what is happening under the water. Rocks could shift. Things that were safe six months or a year ago, or the last time someone was in Kilkee, it might have radically changed underwater,” he said.

His advice around cliff diving is to “be sensible”.

“There’s no point in saying it’s not going to happen. Kids have been jumping off the cliffs in Kilkee for hundreds of years. We have to take a pragmatic approach to it, and encourage parents to know where their kids are jumping from. Have a check with the coastguard. We have a lot of people who’d have a very good sense of where is safe,” Cllr Murphy concluded.

The Irish Coast Guard is advising people to check out its Be Summer Ready campaign, with a dedicated web site set up focused on safety on the water

The guard is recommending to only swim in lifeguard protected beaches or beaches with which you are familiar.

Never swim alone and ensure that your activity is being monitored by a colleague.

If engaging in any form of boating, canoeing or fishing, always wear a lifejacket.

And if you are proceeding on open water always carry a means of communication, preferably a VHF radio and a beacon – do not rely solely on a mobile phone.

The Coast Guard is asking people to leave inflatable toys at home, saying they are not safe for floating on in open water.

“Remember just because an open water area looks calm and peaceful it does not mean that it is safe for swimming,” they added.

If you see somebody in trouble on the water or along the coast or think they are in trouble, use Marine VHF channel 16 or Dial 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.


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