New PS5 Game Trailer Is So Bad People Are Already Memeing It

The foretoldan action role-playing game from the developer of Final Fantasy XV, recently released a new trailer showing off the central character’s awesome abilities. Shame that its narration is so incredibly cringe and accordingly has been memed into next week.

Frey is a young woman from New York, down on her luck and forced to choose between two terrible options, until she is suddenly pulled through a portal into a whole new world. Although she’s totally out of her depth, her synergy with the sentient bracelet that is attached to her arm gives her amazing powers of elemental attacks and mesmerizing acrobatics. A lot of this game looks very ambitious and I’m very into it, so it’s wild that this trailer slipped past Square Enix and subsequently set the Internet aflame.

Take a look for yourself here:

For those who’d like it transcribed, Frey says: “So let me get this straight. I’m somewhere that’s not what I would call Earth. I’m seeing freaking dragons. And…oh yeah, I’m talking to a cuff. Yeah okay, that’s something I do now. I do magic, kill jacked-up beasts. I’ll probably fly next.” Personally speaking, I wasn’t too put off by the dialogue because this is just how the American accent sounds to me. But, it has spawned a deluge of memes parodying the stilted script and the cheesy ’90s delivery.

The issue is that, clearly, there is no definitive uniqueness to the writing in this trailer. Whether or not it’s a real line from the game remains to be seen, but it doesn’t paint a particularly favorable picture of the rest of the game. These sorts of quips belong in your least favorite Marvel movie – in fact, “Joss Whedon” trended following the trailer’s release onto Twitter. Hopefully the whole thing has been helpful feedback for the The foretold team.


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