Brown notches first varsity volleyball win in Stillwater’s opener against Bartlesville | Sports

Andrue Brown’s nerves subsided as soon as warmups began.

Brown, head coach of the Stillwater volleyball team, won his first game as leader of the Lady Pioneers on Thursday night against Bartlesville. Stillwater defeated the Bruins, 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-14).

It was obvious the win resonated with Brown and will stick with him throughout his career. He has coached Stillwater volleyball at the junior high, junior varsity and now varsity levels.

“Getting to see those girls’ growth over three years and (having) a lot of success is a lot for me and my family who have seen these girls kind of grow up under (our leadership),” Brown said.

Stillwater senior Bess Glenn said Brown told the team before the match his nerves were there, but judging by his composure, Glenn couldn’t tell. She likes the energy he brings to the sideline.

“I love having him on the sideline because it’s like, even just a few years I’ve spent with him, it’s really easy to see his progression because he just gets really involved in the game,” Glenn said. “Like he’s really hyped up … and he just really cares, it’s easy to tell.”

It seemed like everyone in Pioneer Fieldhouse for Stillwater’s season opener got hyped, especially the students sporting NFL and NBA jerseys and waving mops to celebrate the sweep.


Stillwater High junior Caeli Schaefer (22) screams after winning the first set against Bartlesville. Stillwater defeated Bartlesville, 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-14), on Thursday night in Pioneer Fieldhouse.

The Lady Pioneers dominated each set, never significantly threatened. After trading points with Bartlesville early, Stillwater blitzed the Bruins for an 8-0 run in the first set, establishing the tone for the season.

Glenn excelled from the left side of the court, sending thundering cross-court spikes that found the floor more often than not.

“Bess is a firecracker,” Brown said. “When she hits that ball, the place lights up, everyone is ready to go. Our philosophy with Bess is if the ball is put to Bess, she’s going to put it down. She’s so fundamentally sound, back row, front row, right side, outside.”

To find success this season, Brown will rely heavily on the play of his senior captains, Glenn and Callie Bates. Both stood out against the Bruins.

“I’ve been talking to my captains and let them know the team goes as they go,” Brown said.

But to sweep a team that already has a game under its belt takes more than a couple of players. Brown said the girls played well as a team. Everyone on the varsity roster got in the game.

“I think that was a good start,” Glenn said. “But we’re going to have to work really hard because the teams are just going to get better and better.”


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