Humble Upbringing Motivates Rugby Champ

Another milestone achievement was added to Jerry’s success and that is winning the Gold Medal during the Rugby World Cup Seven in South Africa, Cape Town.

Two time Olympic gold medalist Jerry Tuwai with his wife Mereani Tuwai.

No man has ever built his career with pride and attitude.

It requires a lot of patience and effort to achieve something in life.

This is what Jerry Tuwai has always followed while chasing his rugby career.

He is described as a humble and a loving person by his wife, Mereani Tuwai.

Even though Jerry has achieved many wonders in his rugby profession, he is always humble.

Another milestone achievement was added to Jerry’s success and that is winning the Gold Medal during the Rugby World Cup Seven in South Africa, Cape Town.

This is Jerry’s first win in the Rugby World Cup.

Mrs Tuwai has also described Jerry as a family man, who really loves his children.

She said Jerry was an inspiration to her and their children.

“I am really blessed and I’m so grateful to be one of the famous player’s wives. To become his wife, it was all in God’s plan and his plans for us will always prevail,” she said.

“Jerry knows his priorities and he is a man of his words.

“He doesn’t drink whenever he comes for a break, he loves to stay home and look after his children.

“He’s so kind and he has a big heart to help everyone who is in need.”

Mrs Tuwai said there were times when he wanted to give up.

“It’s not always easy for him, but whenever he thinks about his family, especially his children, Lani, Jone and Nia that keeps him going,” she added.

Apart from rugby, Jerry loved playing volleyball, especially call of duty.

“The win, like Jerry always says, is a team effort and to our family and I believe for all the families of the 7’s players, we are just so proud of the boys, trainers, coach and management,” Mrs Tuwai said.

Jerry’s achievements

Jerry Tuwai is one of Fiji’s most prolific sevens athletes to don the white jersey.

The Rio Olympic Gold medalist and 2019 World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year has been the benchmark of flair, athleticism, grit and brilliance on the HSBC World Sevens series circuit of recent times.

He debuted for Fiji under the Ben Ryan legacy in 2014 – taking a while to make his mark.

However, following the 2016 Rio Olympics, Jerry began to light up stadiums worldwide with his ability to find space and opportunity out of thin air and stun opposition teams – and fans.

Jerry is the only Fijian player to have played in the history making five straight Hong Kong titles (2015 – 2019) as well as being a two-time series winner (2015 & 2019) plus Commonwealth Games silver medalist.

He captained Fiji in 2018-19 and remains in the leadership group towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Jerry was also recognized for his achievements being the only Fijian player who has won two Olympic gold medals, Hong Kong 7s titles for five consecutive years and the World Rugby 7s Player of the Decade.


Jerry was born in Newtown, to Poasa Vunisa and Seruwaia Vualiku.

He was raised in a one bedroom corrugated iron house.

Since rugby balls and sporting equipment were relatively expensive, a young Jerry would improvise by using empty water bottles or bundled up t-shirts for a rugby ball.

In his early teen years, he would often accompany his father for fishing trips and sell their catch by the roadside: a routine which he defines as “a very hard job”.

He then admits later on, that although he regrets dropping out of school, the rewards of his hard work on the field and back home are an equitable trade.



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