What is the rehydration clause in boxing? And why is Chris Eubank Sr concerned about his son’s fight against Conor Benn that he is willing to pull him out?

Chris Eubank Sr caused a stir in the boxing world recently when he announced he would pull his son out of his fight with Conor Benn.

The reason for this was because of concerns over the catch weight related to the rehydration clause.


Eubank Sr shocked everyone with his claims about his son

So what is the rehydration clause and why is Eubank Sr so worried about it?

The boxing rehydration clause

A boxing rehydration clause is put in place to set a limit on how much a boxer can put back on after the weigh-in.

This might sound a bit strange, but a boxer can actually lose pounds very quickly through sweating to make weight.

In theory, one or both of the fighters could make the weigh-in and then pile on the pounds to gain a huge advantage over his/her opponent.

So a rehydration clause stops one or both fighters from making themselves a lot heavier and potentially putting their opponent in danger.

Eubank Jr v Benn is still set for October 8

Ian Walton/Matchroom

Eubank Jr v Benn is still set for October 8

Why is Chris Eubank Sr so worried about the rehydration clause?

For the fight, Chris Eubank Jr is set to drop down to 157 pounds so that he can take on Benn and reignite the rivalry that started with their fathers all those years ago.

He has never fought at that weight and usually weighs in at around 160lbs.

However, the 32-year-old has been told he will only be allowed to put on five pounds between the weigh-in and fight night, so the maximum he can be is 162lbs.

This is a lot less than what he would usually enter the ring at, which has worried his dad.

It’s not actually the clause that Chris Eubank Sr is concerned about, but it is the small amount of weight his son is allowed to put back on.

Most modern fights have rehydration clauses but they are usually seen at the 10-15lbs mark.

Five pounds is very little and could give Benn an unfair advantage in what is sure to be an aggressive encounter.

Eubank Jr is determined to fight Benn and win

Ian Walton/Matchroom

Eubank Jr is determined to fight Benn and win

Eubank Jr v Benn rehydration clause: What has been said?

Chris Eubank Sr to the Daily Mail: “My son’s life cannot be put in danger… I’ve already lost one. It can’t happen again.

“I gave my son his instructions and he chose to follow a different (path)… but he can’t override his dad. Because his dad is speaking sense and who will back me up? The public.

“When they understand: I lost a son, Michael Watson happened, Gerald McClellan happened, Nick Blackwell happened, and the many warriors who have fallen or are disabled because of contests in the ring.

“You cannot come down in weight, especially against a fighter of the magnitude of Mr King, Conor Benn. This ain’t no joke.”

On the subject, Chris Eubank Jr added: “As fighters we take chances, we gamble, and I don’t believe Conor is going to be able to take me into deep waters. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t feel that that’s what he’s going to be able to do, so I agreed to this weight.

“If I was going in there with someone that I considered a killer, I would never do anything like this, I just don’t see that pedigree or grade from Conor so I’m taking the risk of cutting to a weight I’ve never been before and I’m taking the risk of not being able to fully hydrate after the fight.”

Famous rehdration clauses in boxing

Canelo is famous for insisting on rehydration clauses in nearly all of his fights

Getty Images – Getty

Canelo is famous for insisting on rehydration clauses in almost all of his fights

Canelo Alvarez

The Mexican might be one of the best fighters around, but he has a reputation for insisting on rehydration clauses in most of his fights.

For example, in his fight with Daniel Jacobs in 2019, Jacobs weighed two pounds over the second weigh-in limit and had to pay $1 million dollars as a penalty.

Canelo has won world titles at numerous weights, but this clause is something that has helped him.

And if heavy financial penalties are agreed upon and it keeps him safer in the ring and earns him some more money, why wouldn’t he insist on them?

Amir Khan and Kell Brook agreed strict rehydration clauses for their fight this year

SecondsOut – YouTube

Amir Khan and Kell Brook agreed strict rehydration clauses for their fight this year

Amir Khan v Kell Brook

Before their fight earlier this year, Brook and Khan agreed to extremely strict rehydration clauses.

The weight was set at 149lbs, but the catchweight was 163.5lbs, and for every pound over, each fighter would have been fined £100,000.

This was so that neither man would have the advantage over the other because they both believed they were making sacrifices.

Let us hope we can add Eubank Jr v Benn to this list and the fight goes ahead because it has the potential to be one of the best in recent times.


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