MNSU handball players train with world champion handball player Killian Carroll

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – Killian Carroll, a world champion handball player, met up with the Maverick handball team on Saturday for a day of handball competing and training.

“Here, they have great players to coach, and that’s a rare opportunity to work with great athletes and great players. And just help them along their journey, because a lot of people have helped me through my journey,” professional handball player and champion Killian Carroll said.

After Carroll trained one-on-one with four MNSU handball players, the men played exhibition matches, two-versus-one, on Saturday night.

The matches displayed a high level of athleticism that rocked the MNSU handball courts, and the college teams won against Carroll.

“So, we basically took our four best players, matched them up, and that will make it a little more even against the best player in the world,” MNSU handball head coach Mike Wells said.

“There’s no point in being nervous. Just enjoy it, take it all in, and learn from Killian as well – just even playing him. This will be my first time playing with Killian, so it’s exciting to learn from him,” MNSU handball player and graduate student Shane Dunne said.

“I always think it’s better when I’m playing against them, because they can make their own critical judgments, ‘this is the pace, this is power, this is the kind of thing that I need to do,'” Carroll said.

Carroll currently lives in Boston, but he grew up playing and learning about handball in Ireland.

Even though Saturday was not the first time Carroll’s been to MNSU, he felt a connection to the three new MNSU handball recruits from Ireland.

“We like to roll him through every three to four years. And when he found out that we had three new players from Ireland, which is where he’s from originally, he expressed interest that he’d like to come and maybe make them feel just a little bit more at home,” Wells said.

Carroll’s years of dedication to handball and teaching in Ireland have helped him pass along tips for playing the sport.

“It’s a very big part of the Irish culture of handball – all clubs have good juveniles, there’s a club every 30 minutes away. And they always need trainers and coaches, and I always like doing it,” Carroll said.

One of the new Irish recruits, Shane Dunne, says that playing and working with Carroll has inspired him to get to the same level as Carroll.

“He’s just so athletic. He’s quick, he’s fast. I think that’s one thing about him and his games, just how quick and athletic he is. But, obviously, his work rate behind the scenes that people don’t see is unreal, as well,” Dunne said.


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