Best cliff diving spots in Australia: Top 6 locations

Looking for your next adrenaline rush? Cliff diving combines excitement and nature – two of our favorite things. If you’re not afraid of heights, then cliff diving might just become your new favorite pastime (if it’s not already)!

Ahead of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final in Sydney this October, we’ve put together some of the best Australian cliff diving spots so you can plan your next day trip or camping weekender. Read on to discover your new favorite diving spot, because we think that these places need to be experienced to be believed!

If you’re a fan of both hiking and cliff diving, then the cliffs at Cedar Creek Falls might be up your alley. The Falls’ 1.1km track is a nice introduction to your surroundings, but the cliffs are the main attraction. They’re not for the faint of heart, though, as they range from 7m to 13m in height. Before you jump, ensure that the waterholes are full, as it can get dry in Cedar Creek. If you’re looking to have a picnic, then there are some spots around to make your day even more memorable.

Location: Cedar Creek Falls, Queensland

The Manly Jump Rock is a beloved (and at times contentious) spot for cliff jumpers. There are multiple jumps for you to enjoy, and it’s just a 20-minute walk from Manly Wharf. If you’re after a picturesque jumping location that’s easily accessible, then it’s hard to beat this spot.

Location: Manly Jump Rock, 97A Stuart Street, Manly, New South Wales

While the 10m cliff at Jerusalem Bay is one to remember, there’s a lot more to enjoy when you’re heading along to this idyllic spot in New South Wales. It’s a bit of a hike (about an hour) from the parking lot to Jerusalem Bay, but it’s a worthwhile journey. Take in the Dharug people’s ancient carvings along the way – they’re a reminder of the history of Australia’s First Nations people.

Location: Jerusalem Bay, Brooklyn, New South Wales

4. Blairgowrie Jumping Rock

The Mornington Peninsula is full of natural sights and wonders, and the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock is no exception. It’s a 7m meter jump from the top, but there are multiple levels on the rock if you’re still building up your confidence. It can be a little bit difficult to climb up the jumping rock, but the jump is worth it. To make things extra special, plan your cliff dives around sunrise or sunset and enjoy the view!

Location: Bridgewater Bay, Blairgowrie, Victoria

5. Macquarie Pass Jump Rock

The beautiful Macquarie Pass Jump Rock is nestled in the Macquarie Pass National Park, located near Wollongong. Freshwater swimming, natural wildlife and exciting jumps – sounds like a plan to us. If you’re new to cliff diving, then this might be a suitable place to start. There are a range of jumping platforms, varying in height from 3m to 10m in height, so you can choose a level that suits your skills.

Location: Macquarie Pass National Park, Illawarra Highway, Albion Park New South Wales

The Kimberley Ranges are host to a range of cliff diving opportunities, so this is more of a recommendation to visit the area and discover your new favorite spot. It’s hard to overstate the natural beauty of the Kimberley Ranges, but we’re going to try and describe it anyway. Shimmering, clear water and rugged cliffs await those who are up for a challenge. What more could you want?

Location: Kimberley Ranges, Gibb, Western Australia

Following exciting action around the globe, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series concludes with a first-ever visit to Australia, where two champions will be crowned at Fleet Steps in The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney Harbour.

All eyes will be on the reigning and five-time women’s World Series champion, Rhiannan Iffland, who will be hoping for a majestic homecoming to round off the season.

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