Dillon Danis slams Jake Paul’s boxing company for pushing KSI vs Tyron Woodley

MMA star Dillon Danis is slamming Jake Paul on Twitter after the YouTube boxer urged rival creator KSI to take a fight with former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul is coming up on the biggest fight of his career against Brazilian MMA legend Anderson Silva next month… but he’s also heavily invested in the boxing career of his greatest rival, KSI.

Paul wants KSI to take on Tyron Woodley, someone Jake has fought (and defeated) twice. However, KSI is looking towards a possible bout with Dillon Danis, instead… someone Jake has also had beef with in the past.

The two have been going back and forth via Twitter for the past week, leading fans to think that a fight could be in the cards — especially considering that KSI challenged Danis to a hilarious bet at the expense of whoever loses.

Jake Paul’s boxing company pushes for KSI to fight Tyron Woodley

That being said, it looks like Jake Paul isn’t too enthused about this possibility. The ‘Problem Child’s’ boxing promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, urged KSI to take on Tyron Woodley in a pointed tweet.

“KSI, your fans clearly want to see you against Tyron Woodley,” the company wrote. “You should stop trying to build hype with Danis…that guy is barely an MMA fighter. No accolades. No success. Do the right thing. Fight @TWooodley.”

Dani didn’t seem to agree. The mixed martial artist hit back at Paul’s company in an apparently deleted tweet, writing: “Nobody has ever seen me box. I’m 29, in my prime, and hungry. The world will see.”

“A way tougher fight than Tyron Woodley. He lost every single round in his last four fights before Jake fought him and is a retired 40-year-old and completely broke, willing to take a dive.”

dillon danis slams mvp on twitter copyTwitter; dillon danis

This latest back-and-forth comes after KSI thoroughly mocked Danis for claiming “no man alive” could beat him, marking yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of verbal spats between the two stars.

While it’s unclear exactly who KSI will be taking on next, it’s obvious that Danis is itching for the chance to touch gloves with ‘The Nightmare’ at some point — provided Jake Paul doesn’t get to it, first.

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