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Teddy Atlas, veteran Hall of Fame analyst and trainer, (and as of late podcast host), released a massively popular line of instructional videos over the last few years. The series, distributed through Dynamic Striking, focused on the fundamentals of boxing, for both the athlete and trainer, covering boxing basics like Fundamentals, Defense, Jabbing, Counter Punching, Feinting, Body Punching, and Timing, to name but a few.

Atlas’ latest release, while not an instructional video, explores the most critical aspect of any sport, particularly boxing – the mental preparation.

The newest video, “Mastering and Conquering Your Fear” looks at critical aspects of the mental preparation for entering the ring, for any fighter at any level. Atlas, who has long championed the fact that success for any fighter will be in their ability to handle the mental aspect of dealing with the tests, and uncomfortable positions, a fight puts you in, covers it all here. Atlas, considered a legendary trainer in boxing, knows better than most about the critical need for unshakeable, (or at the very least controlled), mental strength for a fighter if they are to survive, and thrive, in the heat of combat.

Atlas has always stressed the fact that boxing, in many ways, is a metaphor for many battles in life, in or out of the ring. Here, he compares the mental preparation for a boxing match and many of the other fights we face. This video, like many of his instructional videos, allows the viewer to make applicable and relatable comparisons to aspects of their own lives.

“Mastering and Conquering Your Fear” is broken into 3 sections.

Part 1 – Conquer or Be Conquered, introduces the viewer to ‘The Mental Side of Fighting – The Root of Fear and Survival’. It also looks at ‘Understanding the Pressure from the Fight in the Ring and Outside of it – in Life’.

Part 2 – Exposing the Boogeyman/Bully, explores how to ‘Eradicate one of Life’s Biggest Plagues – Bullying’ and ‘How to Stand up to it.

The final section of the video – Part 3 – Fear is our Friend, explores ‘Why We Look up to Fighters’ and the idea that ‘Everyone is Afraid’.

MaxBoxing recently caught up with Atlas from his home on Staten Island, New York to talk about the newest video from the man considered one of boxing’s premier mental strategists.

“These are not instructional, technical videos”, he said. “They are dealing with the mental realms of the fight game. They help fighters to be tougher and how for them to better control their fears”, he continued. “They also look at the average person, not just boxers, in the fight of life. It delves into how to assist the average person better navigate and control their doubts and insecurities”.

While most people connect Atlas with the sport of boxing, this latest release speaks to a much larger audience than just fighters. Perhaps the most important section of the video, for a younger audience, is the section on bullying.

“Yes, I look at people who are being bullied. I detail to them, and their parents, (and even the bullies themselves), that it is the bullies who are indeed the weak ones”, he said.

Atlas, who in previous videos pulled from a wealth of knowledge, and a lifetime in the sport, dealing with every level of fight and fighter, has a detailed but relatable and entertaining delivery. This resonated with fans making his previous releases a huge hit with fighters, trainers, and fans. This video, dealing with some of boxing’s, and more importantly life’s, greatest mental hurdles, is absolute must-see viewing for people looking to address the considerable battles every one of us faces.

Teddy Atlas, with a lifetime of experience dealing with the complicated aspect of the mental struggles around fights and fighters, can unquestionably be referred to as an expert on the subject. Now both fighters, and people who have never been in a ring but struggle with many of the same challenges, can learn some of the vital coping behaviors and strategies to better equip themselves for the fight of their lives.

Atlas, modest to a fault in saying, “I hope they do well and will help people”, is opening an expert’s toolbox for people to learn critical strategies to face their doubts, fears, and this fight that is life, in or out of the ring.

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