“Sometimes Words Are Hard”: Unearthed Video Shows Simone Biles Flattering in Explaining Crucial Information About Her Gymnastics Career

Legendary gymnast Simone Biles possesses the uncommon trait of being incredibly skilled in whatever she does. Even though she is on a break after the 2020 Olympics, she is still making headlines.

Her biggest achievement includes winning four gold medals in the Olympics. Despite being a legend on the gymnastics mat, she is just a 25-year-old. However, once she showed her clumsy side while speaking about titles.


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Simone Biles showing her clumsiness

In 2017, Simon tweeted a video on Twitter with the caption, “I’m sorry, but sometimes words are hard Couldn’t say my title for the life of me !! Watch & Laugh.” Meanwhile, in the video, she fumbled with her words as she gave her introduction.

She said, “I am Simone Biles. I’m a four-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time world champion, ohh cr*p.” After saying just one line, Simone got confused and asked the person behind the camera if she had done something wrong.

In addition, the GOAT tried multiple times to speak her titles, but she got confused and stopped in between every time.

Meanwhile. in the comment section, her fans adored her funny expressions. On the other hand, some commented on how cute she looked and praised her for her goofy sense of humor. With 32 medals at the Olympic and World Championships, Biles has established herself as one of the top gymnasts. She is famous for her faultless tactics, innate agility, and incredible jumping force. However, this was not the first time she was seen doing the funny activity.


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Simone having fun with her father

Once, the awkward dance of Simone with her father, Ronald Biles, captured the eyes and hearts of her fans. She was spotted performing dance moves while her father imitated her. Simone posted this video on her Snapchat story in 2017. As her father failed to complete the steps, the people seated close to them laughed. But her moves made her fans laugh out loud.


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Despite facing all the difficulties in her life, she has never missed a chance to make her fans love her more. Sometimes Simone randomly tweets her opinions about her fans and their love. Her ultimate fans desperately wait for her weird tweets so they can have a chance to talk to her. But what her fans are most excited about is her wedding. What are your thoughts about Simone’s fun-loving nature? Let us know in the comments.

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