Boxing: Spectacular comeback by Andy Ruiz who wins bloody battle against brave Luis Ortiz

The Mexican-American fighter Andy Ruiz showed that he is ready to return to the big cards and, why not, to dispute again the world heavyweight title, after defeating in a great exhibition the dangerous Cuban boxer Luis Ortizwho with all his 43 years, managed to recover from three visits to the canvas to reach the definition by cards in an impressive display of power and strategy.

In the end, the judges awarded the winner to the Mexican city unanimous decision of 113-112 and double 114-111. The difference in the fight was the knockdowns of “King Kong“, who managed to get up and keep fighting for the victory.

Ruiz knocked Ortiz down three times

the “Destroyer” managed to knock his opponent down twice in the second round and again in the seventh. But the Mexican had to be cautious during the twelve rounds because the Cuban showed his power and put his opponent down several times with impressive jabs, hooks and towards the end of the fight with a heavy right jab and one-two combinations.

Andy, for his part, again showed off his great punching speed and power, connecting hooks to his opponent’s temples and punches to the chest, which also staggered him on several occasions.

After both fighters proved their power, both were much more cautious when attacking and for several lapses, the fight had a slow pace, with few combinations. Nevertheless, the crowd left the Arena in Los Angeles happy, in a great demonstration of endurance and will.

At the end of the fight, the Cuban fighter received an ovation from the audience and reiterated his desire to continue fighting, as he still boasts a great level, despite his 43 years:

“They told me so far, that it was time to hang up the gloves, but I can give a great fight, I am a warrior,” Luis Ortiz said.

What’s next for Andy Ruiz?

About the “Destroyer”, he said he was ready to organize the show, which would be a great fight that would generate a strong expectation: “Andy came with a great work plan and we wish him the best. Deontay Wilder is back and people want great fights, let’s see what happens”.

After the fight, Andy Ruiz acknowledged that he had to overcome the punching power of his opponent, but acknowledged that he was ready for this fight and to challenge Wilder to contest the vacant WBC crown, once Tyson Fury decides whether to retire for good.

“Like I told everyone, I was going to win. I did everything I could to win, even though it got me a little bit bad, I threw it several times and God willing and Wilder wins (his eliminator fight), I’m ready when he wants me to be. I am ready and I want to be world champion again, I want to bring this belt back to Mexico“, Andy Ruiz said.


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