Dive Butler Managing Director Alexis Vincent on Luxury Scuba Diving

Pioneers in the field of luxury diving, Dive Butler International is bringing an unparalleled standard of scuba diving to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

The first of its kind, the company is responsible for expert-led luxury scuba diving, dive itinerary services, dive management and consulting services, flying to the pristine waters of the Caribbean, Belize, or anywhere you desire. Since 2011, Dive Butler has sent its instructors and guides to superyachts and resorts across the globe, including an operation at the luxury hotel, LVMH Maison Cheval Blanc in the Maldives.

The Market Herald presenter Iolande Skinner joined Dive Butler’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Alexis Vincent From The Deck at Monaco Yacht Show 2022 to delve into the luxury recreational diving industry.


Whether you’re holidaying on your superyacht or at your private villa, Dive Butler promises to deliver the ultimate diving experience. Able to go anywhere at any time, Dive Butler sends its multilingual PADI instructors to curate the underwater trip of your dreams. The company also offers private one-to-one guides and instructors, fully qualified to lead novice or advanced divers.

In terms of Dive Butler’s most popular diving destinations, Managing Director Alexis Vincent explained that pre-pandemic, there were a lot of client requests for dives in Asia. More recently, however, superyacht owners have been showing interest in the Bahamas as well as islands in the Mediterranean like Malta and Gozo, although the company receives dive requests for all over the world.

The point is, and the fact is, that all superyacht requests are different and unique and therefore we may have requests that are in the Pacific, in French Polynesia, all the way to Belize [and] everything in between; wherever there’s interest in dive sites.

Although Vincent believes there’s no ‘best’ location for diving, he does note that the triangle between northern Australia and Indonesia is where you can find the greatest marine biodiversity in the world.

That bandwidth there is where you have different tectonic plates, you have three oceans that meet and therefore the Barrier biodiversity is the greatest in the world.

Instructors bring not only years of industry experience, but in-depth knowledge of the location and additional skills in areas like yoga, pilates, marine biology conservation and even photography.

Dive Butler International

Itinerary planning

The maritime experts also deliver a yacht planning itinerary or supply detailed diving yacht itineraries for the chosen location. This may take place from the comfort of your superyacht, a charter yacht or luxury five-star resort.

Backed by years of industry experience combined with local and extensive geographical knowledge, the team ensures itineraries can be planned down to the very minute. Taking care of everything from planning to pack up, all you have to do is enjoy your underwater experience, Dive Butler takes care of the rest.

Sometimes we have requests that will be several years in advance, several months. Sometimes it’s also very last minute, it’s the nature of the beast.

Leaving no stone unturned, Dive Butler will plan for obtaining and maintaining equipment, refilling tanks and all necessary safety procedures.

Source: Dive Butler International


Whether you’re looking to bring luxury diving to your superyacht or resort, Dive Butler’s 23 years of industry experience means its consultancy team can expertly handle all kinds of nautical operations.

Offering bespoke consulting services designed for your business and particular needs, Dive Butler’s consulting services can include regular audits, ongoing training, yacht dive builds and refits, and more.

Whether you’re exploring uncharted underwater territory for the thrill of a lifetime, learning to scuba dive for the first time or seeking maritime travel management expertise, Dive Butler can cater to your every need.

Source: Dive Butler International

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