The Bryan Harsin Way, from Boise State to Auburn football

AUBURN — Bryan Harsin wanted them to coach him. It was his pop quiz, his accountability strategy. For years in Boise State’s Tuesday team meetings, he singled out players at random. Quarterbacks fell under the spotlight most.

“What are their fronts?” quarterback Jaylon Henderson remembers Harsin saying. “What do they do on third-and-medium? What is their top coverage on second-and-10?”

“If you were wrong,” Denver Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien says, “that obviously showed that you hadn’t put in the time or effort to watch any film.”

Bryan Harsin wanted quarterbacks to draw plays. It was his first variation of the quiz, when he was a burgeoning offensive coordinator. “He wasn’t afraid to throw a redshirt on the board and make you draw the play that we’re going to run on Saturday and teach us through it,” says Kellen Moore, whose 50 wins are most by a quarterback in college football history. “At the time, it feels a little daunting.”

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