Med Center employee donates kidney to Bowling Green resident after reposting her story on Facebook

Med Center employee donates kidney to Bowling Green resident after reposting her story on Facebook

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -It all began with a Facebook post asking for help after Bowing Green’s Cindy Murphy discovered she would soon need a new kidney when doctors explained to her that hers was functioning at only 23% in January of 2017.

“My doctor said, ‘honey, you’re only at 23% function, and we put people on the list at 20%.’ He said, ‘in two years your kidneys will fail,’ and they did,” said Murphy.

Although Murphy battled a kidney disease for years, she never thought it would bring her near the brink of death, so she resorted to posting on Facebook, pleading for help.

Her Facebook post reached thousands, and many who were willing to help, but there was only one that eventually donated her very own kidney, which would soon be known as Med Center employee, Renee Nally, aka Cindy’s future “kid” sister.

“It kept coming up over and over again on my Facebook feed and finally I thought, ‘well huh,'” said Nally.

Renee was approved to be a donor in June of 2019. She felt her need to help Cindy was for a reasoning much bigger than her own understanding.

“I just felt like there was something bigger than myself that compelled me to be involved,” said Nally.

On July 15, 2019, both women underwent their kidney transplant surgeries and both were a success.

“They said that it took right to here,” said Nally.

Since meeting in the summer of 2019, the two have become very close friends and even say they have noticed that they have similar mannerisms and humor.

“We do some of the same things when we’re not together which is kind of weird,” said Nally.

After the passing of Renee’s golden retriever, Cindy reached out to a breeder that was selling puppies, where she would soon welcome Waylon into her family, and Renee would welcome brother, Leo, into hers.

“I gave her a kidney, this is true, and she gave me a puppy, so I think we’re even,” said Nally.

The two are now more than “kid sisters” but are family, and both Cindy and Renee want people to feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​donating and helping those in need, especially when you feel called to do so.

“I started going back to school and I had never got my bachelors, so I graduated in May with my bachelors from Western. So it gave me a second chance and I had my life to do something with. I’m here for my children’s Christmases. I’m here for my daughter’s graduation December 9th. I didn’t know if I was going to be here. It’s just really humbling and a huge gift,” said Murphy.

“It’s a God thing,” replied Nally.

To learn more about organ donation, you can visit the “Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates” website here.


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