Georgia football highlights strength coach Scott Sinclair in video

Georgia football highlights strength coach Scott Sinclair in video

In his role as Georgia’s director of strength and conditioning, Scott Sinclair has played a crucial role in the Bulldogs’ ascension to one of the top programs in the country. Georgia offered fans a peak behind the curtain with Sinclair on Tuesday and allowed him to discuss what it means to handle his role.

Georgia football’s official Twitter account shared a behind-the-scenes look at Sinclair as part of a video series entitled “Behind the G.” The video — which was titled “Strength and Conditioning” — featured an interview with Sinclair as well as clips of Sinclair and his players hard at work.

Sinclair explained his top priorities in his role with the Bulldogs as part of the video.

“My number one priority is our players. It doesn’t just matter with getting them bigger and stronger and faster and flexible and those kinds of things. I think it matters about helping them develop as young men,” Sinclair said. “My number one goal is always to help watch them grow physically, mentally and emotionally, and then secondly is to keep them physically fit and physically ready to play football.

“It’s important to me that we walk that line that it’s really, really tough, but it’s also achievable and they know that if they can make it through that, anything that happens in the season or in the game or in the fourth quarter, whatever , they can make it through.”

Sinclair was part of Kirby Smart’s inaugural staff at Georgia, having been hired on January 6, 2016 after spending three years at Marshall. Sinclair has been an important part of the Bulldogs’ development in that time, and he’s been along for the ride as Georgia has established itself as an annual national championship contender.

With Sinclair on board, Georgia has won 66 games over six seasons, including double-digit win seasons in the last four full seasons (excluding the SEC-only 2020 campaign). The Bulldogs made history during the 2021 season by winning 12 games in the regular season before beating Michigan in the Orange Bowl and exacting revenge on Alabama in the national title game to bring the program its first title since 1980.

Sinclair came to Georgia from Marshall, where he spent three years working with both the Thundering Herd football and track and field programs. Prior to that, he spent nine years as the associate director of strength and conditioning at UCF, where he worked with the football, baseball and track and field teams. On the football side, Sinclair was directly responsible for the speed and agility programs in addition to the program’s administrative duties.

Sinclair has considerable experience under his belt as a strength and conditioning coach, and he explained in the video his responsibilities — and the responsibilities of all strength coaches — have changed significantly over the course of his career.

“The role of a strength coach has grown so much in the 23 years that I’ve been doing it. back in the day, [we’d say], ‘Let’s go lift weights,’ and then you were done. You didn’t see the guys anymore,” Sinclair said. “Now, our role is a strength coach, it’s a psychologist, it’s a father figure, it’s a friend, it’s a brother. Learning about our players more than just football players is extremely important.”

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