Shakur Stevenson reacts to Brittney Griner’s sentence

Shakur Stevenson has reacted to Brittney Griner receiving a nine-year prison sentence in Russia. On Thursday, a Russian court found the basketball star guilty of ‘smuggling and storing drugs’ and sentenced her to nine years in prison.

Immediately after the sentencing, American President Joe Biden released a statement accusing Russia of wrongfully detaining the American.

Unified Super-Featherweight Champion Shakur Stevenson also spoke out about Grinner’s sentence on Twitter, saying:

“9 years? That’s a disgrace.. Prayers for her family and everybody that love and care for her smh”

Griner was detained in Russia in mid-February this year and has been in custody ever since. The WNBA player was in Russia to play for a club during the US off-season, which is common practice for players trying to earn a little extra money during their time off to get in shape for the season.

However, while traveling to Russia, Grinner had two vape pens with cannabis induced cartridges in her bag and was caught by authorities.

Brittney Griner pleaded with the judge not to “end her life” for an “honest mistake.” Apart from the nine-year prison sentence, Griner was also fined 1 million rubles ($16,990).

Take a look at the tweet by Stevenson below:

9 years? That’s a disgrace.. Prayers for her family and everybody that love and care for her smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Shakur Stevenson reveals why he did not sign with Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions

Shakur Stevenson is one of the most talented young boxers from the United States at the moment. The Newark native has superior ring IQ and the technical expertise to become one of the best boxers of the current generation.

Stevenson’s superiority has been on display from a young age, even when he was coming up through the amateur ranks.

Following the 2016 Olympic games, many boxing promotions had their eyes on him. Many fans expected the phenom to join Mayweather Promotions, however, he ended up joining Top Rank instead.

In an interview, the 25-year-old spoke about why he made that decision:

“A lot of people look at that situation and say, ‘Yeah, you should have gone with Floyd,’ but I’m going to say what it is. It’s just certain things that I tolerate and don’t tolerate. I got around certain people and they were [helping me out] with my career. Floyd didn’t want to be involved in that, and didn’t want to accept the real part.”

Shakur Stevenson has been compared to Mayweather multiple times in the past. However, he believes he is his own fighter and is different from ‘The Best Ever’ in many ways.

Watch the interview below:


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