“Canada refusing visas to certain nationalities, textbook racism”- Tennis fans react to Victoria Azarenka’s visa not being approved for the 2022 Canadian Open

Due to her visa not being approved, former World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka was forced to withdraw from the 2022 Canadian Open yesterday.

This predicament looks to be a case of history repeating itself as the 20th-ranked Belarusian also missed the Wimbledon Championships in June as a result of a ban on Russian and Belarusian players due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Victoria Azarenka took to Twitter to share the heartbreaking news with her fans, revealing that she wouldn’t be able to participate in her 11th Canadian Open due to circumstances outside her control. However, she did not specify the reasons for why that turned out to be the case.

“Hello everyone! I wanted to inform you that I unfortunately have to withdraw from the tournament in Toronto due to my visa not being approved,” Victoria Azarenka wrote.

While it was “terrible” that she couldn’t participate in one of her favorite tournaments, Azarenka assured her supporters that she would compete in the Cincinnati Open, which takes place the following week.

“Its truly disappointing. Its very sad to miss one of my favorite tournaments. I love to play in Canada with great fans and a place where I made many friends over the years. Good luck to everyone at the event. See you in Cincinnati, she added.

In light of this, tennis fans took to Twitter to express their opinion on the matter, with most taking a jab at Canada for banning players from entering the country. One fan straight up bashed the Canadian government and labeled the whole incident as “textbook racism” and posted:

“Canada refusing visas to certain nationalities – text book racism.”

Another took a shot at Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not approving the 33-year-old’s visa, referring to his regime as a “dictatorship.” The tweed read:

“Trudeau’s Canada is now banning innocent people from entering the country. It’s a dictatorship.”

Another fan, however, appeared to throw shade at Victoria Azarenka by highlighting her mid-match withdrawal from her Miami Open match against 16-year-old Linda Fruhvirtova and commented:

“Better than her usual withdraw mid match whenever she is losing to a lesser player. Biggest crybaby alive.”

@josemorgado Better than her usual withdraw mid match whenever she is losing to a lesser player. Biggest crybaby alive

Here are a few more reactions from fans:

vika did not get her visa approved to play in toronto. this seems like an on going issue because tomas etcheverry and mayar sheriff also didn’t get their visas approved to play in canada….. twitter.com/vika7/status/1…

I’m not much of an Azarenka fan. But this is the last straw. Done watching tennis. When Canadians and Americans get their act together and tear down their governments, I might come back to watching. Otherwise, both pro tours are now a farce. twitter.com/vika7/status/1…

Unbelievable…There are just two things we cannot influence in our lives. The first one is death, as it is inevitable. The other one is to have entry visa for Canada approved. I can only hope that it is not because you are carrying Belorussian passport. If it is, I’m DISGUSTED twitter.com/vika7/status/1…

@vika7 Sports and politics must not go together. Really sat.

@vika7 So sorry for you. See, sovereign countries can decide as they wish who they let in, whether it is Canada, Australia or the USA. Why does @JokerNole think he’s above the law?

@vika7 @Tennis_Majors Yes, not letting Vika play in Canada will definitely bring the invasion of Ukraine to a halt. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

@vika7 Shame on Canada. Mayar sherif too cant play there for the same problem

@vika7 What nonsense is this with athletes not getting their visas on time, I think AtP and WTA are useless, these are the things they must support their players for…..

@vika7 Should be zero points for everyone in Canada


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